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Sergio Silvotti Chairman
In charge of internal and external institutional communications

Sabina Siniscalchi Deputy Chairwoman
In charge of the cultural programme. Sponsor relations and ethical monitoring

Paolo Petraccca, Deputy Chairman
In charge of the cultural programme. Volunteer work and civilian service

Felice Romeo Director
In charge of exhibitor relations and welcome service and activities

Massimo Minelli Director
In charge of general Expo relations


Fabrizio Angelelli, Sole Auditor


Sergio Silvotti President

Chiara Pennasi Chief Executive Officer

Silvia Bolchi Deputy Director, Cultural Programme Manager

Alessandro Stillo Cultural Programme Artistic Director

Giampaolo Artoni Technical Manager

Pilar Sinusia Communications and Media Manager

Alessandra Mambriani Marketing & Fundraising Manager

Daniela Rabuffi Secretary's Office Manager


The General Council is composed of all the Founders and Sponsors of Fondazione Triulza.


La Triulza Srl is the company established by Fondazione Triulza in June 2014 to carry out the commercial and entrepreneurial activities related to the realization of the project for Expo Milano 2015.

The management of the Civil Society Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 – Cascina Triulza requires important business activities (e.g. sponsorships, lease of exhibition, market and event spaces, management agreements, etc.), which involve risks and require adequate resources.

Under its articles of association, Fondazione Triulza may: «establish, alone or jointly with others, corporations, social enterprises and cooperatives, and participate in companies having the same purpose, provided however that these are accessory activities, directly or indirectly instrumental to the pursuit of the institutional purposes» (article 3). The same is provided in the participation agreement signed with Expo 2015 S.p.a., in the management addendum, article 2.3.