9 February Feb 2015 1613 4 years ago

A new development model by Cascina Triulza: Confcooperative joins as official sponsor

Cooperatives, for the ONU at the forefront of resistance to the crisis

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"Twenty events will happen in the cycle 'Protagonist Weeks', one for each of the nine cooperatives sectors (food, housing, credit, social, health, labor, consumption, fishing, culture and tourism). The aim is to communicate the diversification of cooperative enterprises and reaffirm the their unique features: the importance of the area and the diversity of forms of enterprise, the ability of people and citizens to self-organize to meet their own needs and those of society".

Says Giorgio Mercuri, president of the Fedagri Confcooperative and Agribusiness Cooperative Alliance, stepping in HangarBicocca during "The ideas of Expo: the Card of Milan", where announces that Confcooperative "will take part in Expo 2015, as official sponsor of Cascina Triulza, the Civil Society pavilion". Confcooperative is moreover a founding member of the Triulza Foundation.

"All events that we will hold in Cascina Triulza, with the nine sectors of cooperation - adds Mercuri - are aimed to give visibility to the cooperative, as enterprise of people. An enterprise that interpret and respond to the needs of society and to the need of the individual to find employment, income and occupation".