10 February Feb 2015 1700 4 years ago

Cascina Triulza at work on the Card of Milan

Even the Civil Society Pavilion of Expo participates in thematic worktables of #Expoidee

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Triulza Foundation, the network of 63 third sector organizations responsible for organizing the program and activities of Cascina Triulza, the Civil Society pavilion, actively participates in three of the 42 working groups that started last Saturday to give life to the Card of Milan: a set of good practices against food waste and to a healthy and sustainable feeding; a program for equitable development; taking responsibility to ensure the fundamental right to food and water.

Cascina Triulza was the focus of a specific worktable that has deepened the innovative experience of the first Civil Society pavilion in a World Exhibition and which objective is the promotion, during Expo Milano 2015, of a new alliance between citizens, civil society, institutions and businesses for a new development model.

Members of the board of Triulza Foundation participated also to the worktable on the political and cultural legacy of Expo Milano 2015 and to the working group that will study strategic and functional proposals after the Expo area of the exhibition site: Cascina Triulza will, in fact, one of the two structures that will remain after the World Expo.