13 March Mar 2015 1739 4 years ago

#100differentcopies. Mario Alessiani wins the call

RJR will be the sitting for the restaurant of Cascina Triulza

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The selection of projects participating to "100 different copies" is closed, the call intended for under 35 designers launched in December from Cascina Triulza with Slow/d and CNA Emilia Romagna. The winner is Mario Alessiani, born in 1989 in Teramo, with the seat RJR.

To the winner goes a prize of 3.000 euros and his seat will be made in 100 samples from more than 30 craft companies from various parts of Italy. The chairs produced will furnish the "Restaurant in Cascina with Salumi Villani" of the Civil Society pavilion during the six months of the World Exhibition. Visitors will try the sitting of the Pavilion but also order them to the artisans involved in the initiative, or download the open source project from the platform Slow/d. The aim of the initiative is to make the design catalyst for a sustainable supply chain for humans and for the environment, thanks to the innovation of the creative and production processes.

The winner, Mario Alessiani, says "Designing 100 chairs, each one different from the other, but with a common basic, it was definitely a great challenge, but the idea that the same project can be interpreted by so many different artisans is at least exciting. I'm sure it will distinguish a different hand for each artifact and the idea that the drawings will be downloaded, and that anyone can achieve the sitting, is a wonderful vision and ambitious".