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What about food, laptops and furniture after Expo?

Cascina Triulza teams up with Expo to eliminate waste

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Banco Informatico Tecnologico e Biomedico, BAnco Building, Banco Alimentare e Banco Farmaceutico in partnership withFondazione Triulza and Expo2015 Spa are ready to recover all the material heritage of Expo Milano 2015 during the dismantling of the pavilions.

This is the commitment launched during the conference "Nobody and nothing is wasted, but a resource for all", which was held on October 24 in Cascina Triulza, the pavilion of civil society and one of the few pavilions that will remain after Expo.

"I hope - said the Hon. Luigi Bobba, undersecretary at the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy - that the work of recovery that we have actively done in the last months thanks to Banco Alimentare in partnership with CascinaTriulza and Expo can be extended. The challenge after the Expo also moves from here. The recovery of food, PC, tables is not only an anti waste, but also a practical response to poverty".

"Since the beginning - says Gloria Zavatta, Sustainability Manager of Expo 2015 - we have undertaken several initiatives to fight the waste of resources: recovery of the exceeding food, furniture etc. These concrete initiatives contribute to the "mosaic" of the sustainability of this big event. I think many visitors will bring home a bit 'of awareness on this issue."

"This meeting with the different "charity banks" seems symbolically the perfect closure for Cascina Triulza, a few days before the end of Expo 2015 - says Sergio Silvotti, President of FondazioneTriulza. The fight against food waste, but not only, was one of the issues that were mostly debated in the Civil Society Pavilion, and not only in debates and discussions but also in daily practice, if we think of the 30 tons of food from the Banco Alimentare. We have built an alliance that will last in the future. We will continue to work to avoid wastage even during the dismantling of Expo ".

BITeBBanco Informatico Tecnologico e Biomedico non-profit organization that since 2003 supports the activities of over 2,000 non-profit organizations through the distribution of computer equipment and biomedical applications is poised to recover PCs and printers and workstations from the site of the event. "In Italy it is estimated that are discarded each year about 10 million computers, 10% still working - the President Fabio Mazzoleni. We collect the material, make a technical assessment of the components, a test, and we format reinstalliamo operating system. The equipment is then donated to Third Sector associations that use them in their business. Through the donation of computers and medical equipment to those in need - continues the president - we try to make sure that it's clear to everyone that the work of man is to learn "to love." Learning to "to love" is the "beauty". This is a bit 'what happened here in Expo ".

Same idea Silvio Pasero, president of Banco BUilding Onlus: "The end of Expo offers the opportunity to recover and reuse the materials and equipment installed, giving it to charities. Banco BUilding Onlus aims, along with those who want to work, to contribute to this project. It would be the best final for Expo based on sustainability and against waste"

Fondazione Banco Alimentare since the first day of the event is committed to collect surplus food from the exhibition site. "Today - he said the General Director Marco Lucchini - we have recovered more than 26,000 kg of food that would otherwise have been thrown. Our efforts here will continue in the days immediately following the closing of the pavilions, so that we hope to exceed 30,000 kg. "

The meeting was also attended by Massimo Ferlini, vice president of the Fondazione Banco Farmaceutico onlus, a non-profit organization created to meet the increasingly urgent need of medicines by the charitable organizations that assist people in need."Everyday, together with the other banks fight waste and support the weak, giving them opportunity to comfort and health. In 2016, thanks to Doline, a new app designed for the donation of medicines online, we hope to be able to respond more effectively to the needs medication even in emergency situations. "