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The Expo 2015 Project

Fondazione Triulza is the organization responsible for organizing and managing Cascina Triulza, the space dedicated to Civil Society during the Expo Milano 2015 Universal Exposition, according to the project «EXPlOding Energies to change the world».

The term energy refers not only to sustainable energy sources, from an environmental and social point of view, but also and most importantly to the intent to bring out the extraordinary power of change generated every day, everywhere in the world, by individuals and communities playing a leading role. Thus, the source of energy par excellence is the human being, and his participation is the most “efficient and effective” catalyst.

The project gives national and international Civil Society and Third Sector organizations, whether large or small, the opportunity to play a leading role in Expo Milano 2015 and to have a dedicated space to communicate and illustrate their activities, exchange experiences with other realities and start new projects for the future.

Cascina Triulza is also a meeting place where individual citizens and visitors can interact with these organizations and with Expo themes making the event a truly fulfilling experience.

Cascina Triulza was the real newness and soul of Expo Milano 2015. For the first time in the history of the Universal Exposition, Milan hosted a pavilion dedicated to the civil society, in which more than 200 third sector organizations – nonprofit associations, cooperatives, organizations active in different third sector areas: social, cultural, environmental, ethical finance - have created one of the richest, detailed schedules of Expo. During the six months of Expo 2015, Cascina Triulza hosted 800 events - meetings, debates, workshops, shows and art performances - attended by more than 63,000 people, while about 1.6000.000 people visited open spaces of the pavilion: the exhibition area, the market, the cheese factory Grana Padano, the picnic area.

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