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Theme Committees

The project EXPlOding Energies to change the world for the management of Cascina Triulza operates through four work Committees, open to all founders and members of the Exponiamoci association. In addition to the initial four, a fifth Committee has been created to focus on the perspectives and evolution of the Civil Society pavilion after Expo 2015.

  • The Welcome Committee (Commissione Accoglienza) develops visitor services to facilitate the use of the exhibition site and the search for affordable accommodation solutions, consistently with the principles of inclusion and attention to all, and in particular to those who face the greatest difficulties.
  • The General Expo Committee (Commissione Expo diffusa) is active in the creation of networks and mapping of significant activities and experiences on the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” managed by Third Sector organizations outside the exhibition site.
  • The Volunteer and Civilian Service Committee (Commissione Volontariato e Servizio Civile) works to bring attention to volunteer activities and support the proposal in favour of an extraordinary civilian service Call offering the opportunity to young men and women to experience Expo Milano 2015 through Civil Society organizations.
  • Ethical Principles Committee (Commissione Criteri Etici). Work group whose task is to define the ethical, environmental and social criteria that will govern the work of the Fondazione and the proposals that will result in the Cultural Programme of Cascina Triulza. Read the Charter of values of Cascina Triulza.
  • Post-Expo Committee (Commissione dopo Expo). A work group that focuses on projects and strategies to make Cascina Triulza a permanent workshop of ideas, projects and activities for Third Sector organizations even after Expo Milano 2015.